Mass Email Service

Time saving template designs & easy editing.

Reach your membership by sending emails by groups including classifications, employers, retirees and other member cartegories. Announce meetings, political gatherings, member events and contract negotiations. Use the predesigned templates or create your own. Pre-schedule email reminders to go out on specified dates and times to repeat daily, weekly or monthly.

Texting Service

Mass text messaging makes it easy to communicate with your members.

If you need to send messages to your members, mass text messages are a great way to accomplish that. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and studies have shown that over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them! You can schedule messages by groups and employers. You can also send text receipts for dues, job bidding and book resigns. Contact us for pricing and options that best fit your local.

Texting/Mass Email Service
AFL-CIO Newsfeed
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Profiles: Douglas K. Correia

    May 26th - 3:29pm

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Profiles

    May 26th - 2:25pm

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Profiles: Michelle Gutierrez-Vo

    May 25th - 3:29pm

  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Tell TCGplayer to Respect Workers’ Right to a Union

    May 25th - 2:07pm

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Profiles: Fred Yamashita

    May 24th - 3:29pm

  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: UNITE HERE's Culinary Union Announces Palms Casino Resort Has a Union Contract

    May 24th - 2:04pm

  • Take Action: Don’t Default on Working People

    May 23rd - 4:54pm

  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: AFSCME’s Saunders: Help EMS Workers Help Our Communities by Ensuring Safe Staffing

    May 23rd - 2:14pm

  • A Great Week for American Labor: The Working People Weekly List

    May 22nd - 3:05pm

  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Secretary-Treasurer Redmond Joins Sofitel Workers at D.C. Rally

    May 22nd - 1:53pm

  • IBEW 10th District Progress Meeting Jun 12, 2023
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