Your Membership. To Go.

Power your local with Unions Get It

Your Membership. To Go.

Do Everything. Anywhere.

Unions Get It! Is our custom built mobile app, designed specifically for Local Union Members. Now local unions can empower members to perform ALL their necessary tasks right from their iPhone or Android Smartphone. All your members have to do is download the free app to get started paying dues, resigning books, bidding on jobs and more - from anywhere!

Unions Get It
Complete Control For Your Members

Unions Get It is designed to empower your members to take control of their membership, when and where they need. It's a complete experience, allowing members to handle all their common union tasks directly from their smartphone. Unions Get It features an optimized user interface, so members can quickly and easily navigate around the app.

Pay Dues

Pay Dues

Pay member dues including Death Benefits and special charges. Members can use a valid credit or debit card. Automatic dues payments are also available!
Job Bidding

Job Bidding

Post available jobs, including specific details and allow members to bid on them directly from the UGI app. You can also allow viewing of jobs without online bidding.
Update Demographics

Update Demographics

Members are able to update their personal information including address, email and cell phone number.
Book Resigns

Resign Books

Your members can instantly resign the books. No more calling or emailing your office, which frees up valuable local resources.
Work Site

Work Site

Your members will be able to report hazardous work sites or non-union work. They can take photo, send to the local and the location will be recorded for you.
Secure Documents

Secure Documents

After logging in with their secure username and password, members will be able to view documeents indlucing contract negotiations by employer code or classification.
Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Send notifications directly to your members phones with the UGI app. Alerts will pop up automatically without you having to send a text message.
Custom Content

Custom Content

Manage custom content available to users of your app. Create areas where only verified members can see sensitive information about specific union activities.
Unions Get It

Administration Made Easy

For your local's leadership team, Unions Get It offers a powerful control panel to manage sending text messages, push notifications and uploading custom content. You are also able to view and manage Work Site submissions.

Unions Get It
Download Unions Get It

You can download Unions Get It right now and start managing your membership right now. Available for both iOS and Android, click the link below to download for free.

Download for Free On iPhone

Download for Free on Android
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