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Web Connectivity upgraded its Mail Services and Spam Filtering the week of March 6, 2017.

There are a few things you will need to do to accommodate this upgrade.

Please click here or the "Webmail Login" button above to adjust your settings. You will find all instructions below. This WILL NOT affect the email program you currently use. This is only effective for the Spam settings.

What you need to do

1. Click the link above or here to take you to the MailEnable application.

2. Click on the Options tab at the top.

3. Click on the Advanced tab on the left. 

4. Spam Filter boxes will appear. This is where you can control the filtering.

5. Check the Enable Mailbox Spam Filtering box

6. Select Action to Perform for each tier (low, moderate, high)

7. Click Save


How This Affects You

Instead of going to our current Spam filter (spamfilter.webconnectivity.com) you will be directed to
Here, you will be able to control how your email filters SPAM.


How it Works

If you receive high levels of Spam, you will now have the ability to decide the settings you would like to filter out the emails. There will be settings of low, medium and high along with more advanced settings. 


How the Filters Work

If a message is identified as likely spam, the subject of the email will start with *****SPAM*****.

You can define a Mailbox Filter to move these messages to your Junk Box or perform other actions.


Mailbox Filters

Custom Mailbox Filtering

1. Click on the Options tab at the top.

2. Click on the Advanced tab

3. Click on the Mailbox Filtering 

This will allow you to filter emails by variables. For example: If you are receiving an email from a certain address that you would not like to receive any more you can filter by the email address. Also, you might want to filter by certain content in the email. You could block all emails that contain the word or phrase "free medical insurance".


Blacklists & Whitelists

Whitelists and blacklists are two ways of filtering data. If you have a whitelist then you will filter in only data you want to receive; if you have a blacklist you will filter out only data you don't want to receive.

For example, consider automatically rejecting incoming phone calls. You could have a blacklist of marketing companies, so everyone but them would be able to call you. Or you could have whitelist containing your friends' numbers, so only they would be able to call you.

1. Click the link above or here to take you to the MailEnable application.

2. Click on the Options tab at the top.

3. Click on the Mail tab on the left. 

4. Go to Whitelist or Blacklist

5. Type in the email address(es) that you want to always allow mail to come in from or mail you do not want to come in from.

6. Click Save


Right Clicking Emails in WebMail

You can also filter emails by right clicking.

1. Right click on the email that you would like to filter

2. From the dropdown menu select the action (Blackist, whitelist, etc.)


What happens next

If you use a program such as Outlook to view your email, you will only need to go to the WebMail link to adjust your settings. The settings will take place immediately. You will be able to continue using your current email program.




 Webmail Login